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I want to show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities.

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1. Expanding your horizon

Sometimes we have prejudices against other people or another countries. It happened to me when I said I was travelling to Colombia. Colombia was the country of violence and drugs. Why would I travel there? Was I out of my mind? Travelling will definitely wipe these prejudices away. If you stay for a certain amount of time in another country you will get a closer touch of their culture and understand why they do certain things or act in a certain way. Maybe they’ll be opportunities where you can immerce yourself into these cultures. If this isn’t expanding your horizon’s … well we don’t what it is.

2. You’ll make friends in every country you step foot in

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Being connected to many cultures and people from all over the world? Not only will you have more friends around the globe to skype but you will also have free accommodation when you visit them, having the opportunity to see their city and way of life like no other tourist would. They’ll want to show you their world and how the locals truly live. Me personally I have been invited to many homes of friends for example in India, in Austria, in USA and many other countries.

3. Break the ice with new people by telling them your funniest travel story

I love humor and making people laugh. Imagine being the new guy at work or at a friend’s party where you don’t know anyone else. With a funny story you an always easily break the ice and get to know them. As I have visited more than 20 countries, this is not difficult to do. Or maybe if it fits, you can also give them some travel tips or fun facts about the country you visited last. You’ve probably been a bit jealous of someone who’s travelled before and that’s why you wanted to travel. So spark that inspiration in others over a beer or two.

4. Building your character: Travelling makes you wiser, smarter and open to more opportunities

It’s self-explanatory. The more you see, the more you’ll realise how it really works and you’ll get an authentic feel of cultures around the globe. Imagine reading about the Alhambra (Granada, Spain) in your history books. How it was built, who lived there and so on. Boring, right?! But imagine standing in front of this magic castle and learning about it from a local tour guide – it will really blow your mind. Use the website Show Around to find a local to show you around.

5. Enjoying life in the present. Don’t live in the past or even in the future, live in the now.

Travelling gives you the chance to enjoy living in the moment. You can break your mind away from work. If you want to stay in a country a few extra days, do it. You want to stay out until early hours in the morning, do it. Live in the moment.

6. Integrate new foods in your daily life and astonish your guests once you get home

Travelling gives you the best chances to try new food and find some great recipes that you can prepare in the future. What’s more exciting is you’ll definitely leave a huge impression on your guests when cooking for them in the future. Be the ‘YES’ person, try the foods and in some cases you might not want to ask what it is until you’ve eaten it. Personally I use a lot a wok pan to prepare different dishes. I learned cooking thai and sometimes I also prepare a perfect dessert “HOT LOVE” from Austria for the girl of my life. As I love cooking, I always learn a great recipe, which is great to cook for the family in the future.

7. You’ll learn new languages

Today I speak 5 languages and I also would like to learn Ukrainian if possible. You on the other hand, may only learn please, thank you or where’s the bathroom? rather than being fluent in their language but it will be enough to get by. Locals will also appreciate you a lot more because you’re wanting to know more about them and interact with them on a different level than other tourists. Language  always breaks barriers between people.

Language Master

8. Find your inner confidence

Being in a strange country alone by yourself will seem tough at first but believe us, you will get used to the people and the culture very quickly. You’ll have to. I personally do this during my horse riding vacations. You get to see amazing nature on the back of a horse and you’ll make friends in the hostel or figure out the local transport and you’ll get out to explore. Then when you return home you can be super proud of whom you’ve become and that you did this all by yourself.

9. You’ll be happier

Yes, it is true: Travelling makes people happier. No joke. But to be honest it is not surprising, either. Travellers experience much more than the people that always stay at home watching television or living a 9 – 5 life. If you want to know how you want to travel the world, and at the same time make money, read this article on Forbes magazine. You can find there 6 Millenials travel the world for a living.


Our Travel the World Experiences :

Below we will share our experiences and links to our blog posts per year. It is always great experience to travel the world. The world is a book and we love it when we write another chapter of travel stories and experiences.

Year 2016

Year 2015

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