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Welcome to Dividend Cake. This is a Personal Finance and Travel blog. The Personal Finance blog is focused on how to make your passive income grow by applying dividend investing for the long-term. Your financial future has never been more important than now.

Welcome to Dividend Cake

Let's get started.

The first reason for the creation of this blog is the attitude of some commercial banks. They do NOT want small investors to learn, make good cash flows on their money, nor advise them in their best interest. . .

My Goal

My goal is to become financially independent by age 60 , hopefully earlier— i.e., not necessarily fully retiring, but having the financial means to lessen the emphasis on working. My approach to the markets is a steady and methodical style of investing. I view investing as a marathon sport, not a sprint.


About Us

Welcome to Dividend Cake, our Personal Finance and Travel blog. We are a Belgian family based in the Northern and Dutch speaking part of Belgium. This is a blog describing the financial journey of four different portfolios with 4 different objectives. While paving the path to financial independence, we enjoy life by travelling the world

What you will Learn

Why you get poorer without realizing it.

The Challenge of a Belgian Dividend Investor

Understand the Golden Rule of Compound Interest 

Setting goals, saving for retirement

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