Welcome to Dividend Cake. This is a blog focused on dividend investing for the long-term. Your financial future has never been more important than now. No one will take better care of your money and your future more than you.

Setting goals, saving for retirement, and living below your means but within your needs will all contribute to a more enjoyable and meaningful life.


I was born in a time where black & white TV and electronic devices were on the verge of improving family life. I remember my parents also buying their first car, a German Opel. As years progressed and passed along, more electronic devices made the family life more comfortable. Today I am in my 40’s, loving divorced dad with 2 kids and have a relationship with a lovely lady.

My youth

My parents got married and had basically NOTHING when they got married. Although my dad was smart kid, he was not allowed to go to university as he needed to work to provide income for the 6 members family he lived in. My parents did work full time, did extra jobs after hours and they did run an animal farm with pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc…to foresee their family’s food supply. As kid, this animal farm was fun and full of life to play with.

My parents worked hard to become middle class and build for themselves and their kids a big dream house. The dream of every Belgian citizen, I think…

My education

Education was key in our family !! They pushed hard to achieve the goals in our different education stages at high school and university. They were proud when we achieved the goals we put forward.

During university studies, my parents bought an Apple IIcx (which still works and own today) with an HP deskjet printer. They paid 4000 euro for it and I was able to create amazing school work papers with it as this was not possible on PC computers. Windows was not born yet. Bill Gates saw the business opportunity and he left Apple to start Microsoft. I was in the early 90’s as one of the first guys on the Internet with a 28k modem and created websites. I got self-educated with all this technology!

The key lesson that I was taught from my parents: Continuously learn !!

The second value that I was raised with, was respect and sharing. My parents always shared everything and made decisions together. They shared the same vision for the future and build their wealth step by step, although they lacked the required financial education.

My dad also passed away in 2009 2years after his retirement. He worked 3 shift operations in a steel factory and had also a tiling job after hours and in weekends. He worked hard all his life and wanted to enjoy his retirement but he got lung cancer from asbestos and died one year later. He never attended any activities of his kids during their sports, nor had time in weekends. Key lesson : achieve your dreams while you can and keep a good work/life balance while managing your finances. You can still grow your wealth while making your dreams come true. Just spend your money SMART !

Now I have taken a new start with some great lessons learnt from the past.

My passions

I am passionate about learning languages, stock trading and investing, financial strategies in general, technology and the impact on businesses, horse riding and travel. I have many other interests such as cooking, different forms of relaxation, and so on.

I love to learn from people who are smarter than me in specific areas and I invest in my own education every year in different areas. Investing in your own education is the best way to create your own future.

Sharing knowledge

The first reason for the creation of this blog is the attitude of some commercial banks. They do NOT want small investors to learn, make good cash flows on their money, nor advise them in their best interest. They have commercial objectives and profit targets which do not benefit you as a small investor. Read some of the blogposts and you will realize quickly. If I find a good advisor, I will post it. I am 20 years in the stock market and I learn every day from people who are smarter than me. Keep following the blog posts and you will learn as well. Thank YOU!

The last but not least of the reasons for this blog is sharing knowledge. As others share their knowledge with me, I want to share my knowledge and strategies with those who want to learn. I create my own strategies where applicable. If you have better ideas or can give me valuable information, I am always open to learn. Send me your information through social media or email. If you think that the information in this blog is valuable, then please donate a small amount to my foster child for her future or purchase one of our Dividend Cash Flow tools which help you to build your own cash flow tree. Thanks for reading and your support. Good luck with reaching your own financial independence! Start as early as possible!